Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ikea Expedit Buying Guide

{Shopping List}
After completing our project, shown here ~ we thought it may be helpful to share where we got the goods.

{Expedit Shelving Unit}
Ikea, shown here. We used 3 units and DIY the chalkboard ~see that project here.

{Very Top}
West Elm Woven Basket, here, and Ceramic Vase, here.
Anthropologie Vintage Camera Album, here.
The Pulley was a vintage find, shown here.

{Top Shelf}
Wire Baskets ~ Crate and Barrel, find them here.

{2nd Shelf from Top + Bottom}
Magazine Files and Storage Box ~ West Elm, ours were on sale and discontinued.
For similar ones click here.

{3rd shelf from top}
Woven Baskets ~ Ikea

{Bottom Shelf}
Baskets ~ we found these at our Pottery Barn Outlet, for additional options click here.

{On Wall}
Magazine Rack ~ Ikea, shown here

Magnetic Board ~ Ikea


  1. I just found your site through Pinterest. I would add an option for some of the boxes and magazine files: buy the white ones at Ikea and cover them with scrapbook paper, vinyl, wall paper, what ever fits your room. 5 magazine files run either $2 or $3. Their boxes are relatively inexpensive too!

  2. Hi, you have to know that I looove your site. I used one of your images on a post I did regarding Ikea Expedit and my readers have VERY much enjoyed it (I put the link to your site in :)) Thank you again, sincerely, another creative kindred spirit! ~Kylie