Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY Chalkboard Cabinet

{Ikea Expedit + One Can Chalkboard Spray Paint}
Operation Organization is still underway.
Want to see the final result? ~ Click here!


  1. Wow, great way to show how to do this! Thanks!

  2. i really love the idea. i´m trying to figure something like this out with my ikea furniture i already have. i have the cabinets but no space :-)

  3. i am wondering how the chalkboard has worked out. i have chalkboard painted just about everything (including our kitchen cabinets!) but never on a surface like ikea furniture. did it take well and is it functional for writing on?

  4. Hi, Jessi! We've been happy with the results. Surprisingly, it took well, we didn't use a primer, but did quite a few coats. It is functional to write on ~ we plan to roll on an additional coat once it's looking worn ~ probably in the next few months. Obviously, I would test an area first before doing an entire piece, but for the Expedit we've been happy! Good Luck with your future projects!