Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dining Room Ceiling ~ Part I

 After a very relaxing weekend it's time for us to get back on track with the house renovations.  While Brian was away on business I decided to get a head start on our Dining Room Ceiling.  The demolition work is always the easiest and let's be honest, kinda fun!  We've taken down popcorn ceilings before, first in the guest bedroom, then in our bedroom.  We can't stress enough ~ safety first ~ we always recommend a buddy system when doing demolition projects.  Because we've done this before I felt very confident going this time alone.
 Supplies area always minimal for these type of tasks.  First remove all furniture, tape up door ways to minimize dust + cleanup, get ladder + the following supplies:
Slip proof shoes ~ Sturdy Gloves ~ Goggles ~ Face Mask
Crow Bar ~ Utility Knife ~ Hammer
When working around any type of lighting or electric work ~ turn off the power!!
 While we don't have anything against popcorn ceiling (not sure if this is the technical term for it?) ~ we don't like it in our house.  It has cracks, and is sagging in multiple places, frankly it's an eye soar.  We've discovered in other rooms that underneath is the original wood slat ceiling ~ and of course I was super stoked when I found it in the dining room as well!   
 Slowly start in the center, taking away a little at a time.  Keep working your way around the room, use the crow bar to help give leverage and the utility knife to score around edges.
 Can you believe this hunter green ceiling?  
Phew!  Got the ceiling down and the room cleaned.  By no means are we done yet.  We'll still need to fill in cracks, seal the ceiling, paint and put molding up. 
But at least Part I is done!

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  1. How cool is that to reveal the boarded ceiling. Can't wait to see more.