Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY With Spray Paint

We've all done it...found exactly what you're looking for, only for it to not be the right color, finish or texture. In our case it was this copper colored basket:
We purchased five of these at our local Lowes on sale for $5.49, you can also find them here. We wanted galvanized metal baskets, so we purchased one can of Rust-oleum Hammered Spray Paint and gave each a total of three light coats.
Not including drying time, this project took 30 minutes to complete, saved us some dough and got us the look we wanted.

To see additonal photos of our Storage Room click here!

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  1. Hi, great look! I've been googling because I want to do something similar and found your post. One question - You said you bought Rust-oleum Hammered Copper - yet it looks like a really shiny finish in the picture? Is it shiny or textured in real life? (I want shiny). Thanks!