Monday, October 10, 2011

Painted Dresser ~ Part II

Remember this pink disaster? See it here.

We debated about re-priming and painting but in the end figured it was more time efficient to spray paint.

We used Valspar's Churchill Hotel Vanilla. While this may be the safer choice ~ we're thrilled with how it turned out!


  1. looks great! how many cans of spray paint did this require and how long did it take? i've been dreading painting an old dresser that we have, but i need to go ahead and do it.


  2. Hi, Bridget! Our dresser measures 42"wide X 22"deep X 47"tall and took a whopping 15 cans of spray paint! In order to cover the pink completely we gave this 4 solid coats. When spray painting a larger piece we like to give plenty of drying time in between coats. We plan for a sunny day, start in the morning, 2nd coat an hour later, 3rd coat around lunch and 4th coat around dinner. Carefully bring it in before bedtime and let it dry 48 hours before using. Spraying throughout the day allows your finger to rest :) and gives you time to accomplish other tasks in between! Good Luck!

  3. If you do many spray painting projects, it is wise to invest in a spray paint adapter that attaches to the top of spray bottles so it works like a garden hose trigger using all your fingers to pull back rather than the pain associated with your finger being overused!

  4. I always pass those things up!? ~ but you're correct it would be a great investment!!