Sunday, July 11, 2010

Barn Door Rollers

{Our Search Began in Kennebunk, Maine}
We were thrilled to see the amazing collection of architectural salvage dating from the 1730’s to the 1930’s at
We found a set of rollers we really liked {reference the photo above right}, unfortunately, they were not for sale.
It wasn’t until we found ourselves in Hollis, Maine:
{Pete's Place ~ Hollis, Maine}
Earlier in the day we had run into Pete at an antique store in Kennepunkport. He suggested we come out to his land in Hollis where he as an abundance of antiques. He had quite a few options for barn door rollers, and we hit the jackpot when he showed us 2 sets of Myers Rollers dating back to the early 1900's. The best part? They were still on the original barn doors. Brian and Pete removed the hardware ~ thrilled with our find!
Wanting to know where Pete's Place is? Click here.

{A Little Elbow Grease Goes a Long Way}


  1. Oh my goodness that place looks like heaven to me!!!!

  2. It would be hard to get me out of such a place. I love these kinds of finds. Please post pictures of how you incorporate your find into your home. :) Thank you for the inspiration.