Friday, May 4, 2012


  With Cinco De Mayo this weekend, what better vintage find to spotlight ~ Fiestaware!  We've collected ours for quite some time ~ staying with a green + blue palette.  Fiestaware debuted in the 1930's by Homer Laughlin with production well into the early 70's.  It has since been reintroduced, but we have to say we still prefer the old stuff!  
We tend to use our Fiestaware during the Summer months for outdoor dining and as a colorful kitchen display.  Check below for more inventive uses: 
 Angi, from Love Junkie Candle Company, creates soy candles in antique tea cups ~ we love that she's put those small Fiesta cups to good use!  
While at the Inman Park Festival we came across this fun lamp made with a White Fiesta Pitcher.  Created by Dina from PaulaGrace, be sure to check out her Etsy Shop for other creative lamps!   
And of course we LOVE these heart pendants created by DVHdesigns.  While we don't recommend purposely breaking a vintage plate (gasp! that would be terrible) ~ this is a great way to take chipped or broken pieces and turn them into a fun piece of jewelry!
We also liked this Fiestaware Pendant made by The Broken Plate Pendant Company.  They'll take your broken china and turn them into jewelry for you!

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  1. I was lucky enough to start a Fiesta tableware collection when I got married. I have odd sets in both Seamist and Yellow and to this day, I still love them and use them daily.