Saturday, September 24, 2011

Front Porch Makeover ~ Part V

This is where we left off in Part IV of our Front Porch Makeover:
After seeing the exposed seams in the stairs above Michelle went to work filling them with wood filler.

Brian began work on the side and stair rails below:
After weeks of contemplating how to finish the stair rails and post, we finalized on this:
After a couple weekends of nailing, priming and painting ~ our front porch is finally starting to take shape!

To see Part I of our Front Porch Makeover click here ~ and check back for Part VI.

In the Dog House

How can you stay mad at a face like this?! While our pup is typically well behaved he thought it would be fun to take the stuffing out of his bed and dig through my hydrangeas ~ all in one day! Back to puppy training!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee Table

{Coffee Table Top}
We have procrastinated way too long in finding a glass top for our coffee table. Overwhelmed by custom ordering ~ how thick? how wide? ~ I easily put this task to the bottom of my to do list. Brian found the solution while perusing around Crate & Barrel. In the back of the store they had their glass shelves, used for displays, on sale for $2 a piece with a sign that read ~ cash & carry, final sale. Not sure whether they would work or not Brian figured it was worth the risk since two only cost $4. So voila! Our $4 glass top! I know it's hard to see from the photos above ~ the runner is meant to hide the seam ~ but the table top is indeed made from two glass shelves!

Pat's Birthday

{Happy Birthday}
My dad happened to be in town during his birthday week ~ and of course it wouldn't be a great visit without putting him to work. He was kind enough to help Brian install a fan in the guest bedroom, fix a faulty outlet and install a light fixture in our laundry room! To thank him {and to celebrate} we had a birthday cake for him! Happy Birthday to Mr. Fix It!