Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Nursery Art

We were thrilled when our friends Lenny & Sara announced they were pregnant and honored when they asked us to create something for their nursery. One month ago they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!
Inspired by vintage alphabet flashcards we purchased ABC du Pere Castor, a 1930's French Children's book, converted it to English, and then framed the prints. In true DIY fashion we used frames found from local thrift stores and made our own faux mattes, securing each print with miniture brads. Here's what you'll need to DIY your own:

5x7 Prints ~ use pictures, pages from books or quotes
8x10 Frames ~ ours were purchased for $1 a piece at local thrift stores
Cardboard ~ recycled boxes from our attic
Fabric ~ we purchased 2 1/2 yards of Muslin from Hobby Lobby
Fabric Glue ~ we highly recommend this brand
White Cardstock Paper
Miniture Brads ~ we used these
Picture Hanger ~ we opted for these from Lowes
{1} Thrifted Frames {2} Spray Paint, Let Dry for 20 Minutes
{3} 2nd + 3rd Coat of Spray Paint

{4}Old Boxes {5} Cut Cardboard to Fit Frame

{6} Cut Fabric 1"-2" Larger Than Cardboard, Then Iron
{7} Cut 2 Pieces of Card-stock the Same Size as Cardboard
Center One Piece on Fabric, Set the 2nd Asside for Later
{8} Place Cardboard on top of Card-stock Paper
{9} Use Fabric Glue to Secure Sides
{10} Glue Remaining Sides
{11} Glue 2nd Piece of Cardstock On Top to Hide Glued Edges
This Is The Backside Of The Matte You Are Creating
{12} Place Glued Mattes Between Magazines to Ensure They Dry Flat
{13} While Mattes Dry, Attach Picture Hangers to Frames
{14} Secure Prints with Miniature Brads, 1 in Each Corner
{15} Repeat Until All Frames Are Done


  1. Michelle, these are beautiful. You did a wonderful job. I love them.

  2. Stunning...pitty I didn't see this 8 years ago when my son was born....and then 6 years ago when my daughter was born... still I'm looking at putting some artwork in her room so it's great to have some instructions on cheap frames etc. I have just recently discovered your blog but can't remember how I got their (probably Pinterest which is totally addictive). Thanks for sharing, your friends must be thrilled with a new baby and some vintage artwork as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. These are gorgeous! Love!